illy Electric (Induction) Milk Frother




The illy Electric Milk Frother is the perfect easy to use at home solution for elevating all your hot and cold milk–based beverages, including hot chocolate. Bulk ordering of this product will not be processed.

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Hot or Cold Drinks, with the touch of a button

Makes hot or cold chocolate drinks, just add milk and chocolate powder directly to the jug.

The illy Electric Milk Frother makes it easy to create beautiful milk based recipes right in your own kitchen. This compact frother with sophisticated and intuitive touch controls is the ultimate in versatility, allowing you to make hot or cold foamed milk, warm steamed milk and even hot chocolate. Best of all the modern, elegant design from Piero Lissoni, renowned Italian Architect and designer, adds a touch of style to your kitchen.


Voltage: 230 v

Material: Stainless Steel

3 reviews for illy Electric (Induction) Milk Frother

  1. Cathy

    The milk frother looks beautiful. I am gonna make a cup of coffee later 🙂

  2. Atiqah Jamil

    Brews the perfect froth for my cup of cappuccino or latte in the morning. Great pairing with the Y3.3!

  3. Charan

    Getting this frother gives colour to my morning black coffee

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